Fat Dissolving Treatment

Fat Dissolving Treatment available at Formby Aesthetics

fat dissolving formby aqualyx

What is Aqualyx and Fat dissolving?

Aqualyx®, also known as “Motolese Solution”, is indicated for the non-surgical treatment of localized adiposities. This is injected in the required area you wish

Aqualyx® is a complex micro-gelatinous injectable solution which consists of a release system controlled by absorbable saccharide polymers containing micro amounts of cleaning agents with short half-life.

Where can i get Aqualyx Fat dissolving treatment?

You can treat many fatty tissue areas of the body, the stomach and neck is most popular. We carry these treatments out at Formby Aesthetics.

How long does it take to see results of fat dissolving?

Results can take around 14 days. During the treatment you may feel a little stinging sensation, however this passes very quickly once massaged

How Many treatments will i need?

This will all be down to how much fat you wish to dissolve, majority of clients see an improvement after their 1st session, however some would prefer to a session of 3 for small/medium areas, larger areas you may require more.

How long do the results last for?

The fatty areas which have been treated will never return, however if you continue to have an unhealthy life style new fatty deposits will form.

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